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Online Price Watch

Online Price Watch

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Top price differences
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Top price differences

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Remark: Prices are in Hong Kong dollars. Information on prices, abstract of main discounts and offers is from online shopping websites/apps of chain supermarkets / health and beauty stores. Online prices and offers may be different from those found in the retailers' physical stores. Online prices and offers for different delivery districts may be different. DCH Food Mart's website shows website-orders-only prices which might be significantly different from those found in DCH's physical stores.
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  * - prices indicated are for single items. Supermarkets might offer discount for bulk purchase (e.g. pay certain amount for one more item or pay a certain price for buying more than one item). Please click to view special offers of different supermarkets.
Last updated: 2019-07-20 09:30
Category Brand Product Wellcome PARKnSHOP Market Place by Jasons Watsons AEON DCH Food Mart Price difference  Difference in %  Last updated
Source: 1. Wellcome (HK) website  2. ParknShop (HK) Limited website/app  3. Market Place by Jasons (HK) website  4. Watsons (HK) website  5. AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd website  6. DCH Food Mart (HK) website

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